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oddities in space and time

oddities in space & time deserving of me. Coventry, Colchester: Rubbish places. Thank God for education; without that distraction, I’d have fried myself long ago. Tehran: Tehran, 40 degrees Celsius, but the low humidity made for a pleasant stay. The one hotel still standing in Tehran was the former Hilton hotel. Persian women are so […]

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While not usually susceptible to the sway and spell of portends, serious doubts settled uncomfortably comfortably in my mind. The airline we chartered to take us to our destination was called SMAC, an irrelevant acronym for an airline perhaps, yet worryingly apt given our destination was the province of Aceh. Hampered by forces natural and […]

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what a joke

A customer walks into a bookshop and asks “Can you tell me where the self-help section is?” To which the bookseller replies: “If I told you where it is, that would defeat the purpose”. The reason why I relate this unfunny tale is that I stumbled upon a model “Self-Help” section while in London and […]

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No amount of eccentricity can prepare for the surreal experience that is Nigeria. Recall the prologue to Coppola’s Apocalypse Now, when we are introduced to Capt. Willard. For one, there is a debilitating sickness here, painless yet fatal, sprawling unchecked and anonymous; most here are susceptible to it. The medical term escapes me but it […]

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