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Gillian Rose dot org

A new site has been launched in pursuit of the thought of the late Gillian Rose (www.gillianrose.org). The site is still in its infancy, and is currently soliciting inputs and volunteers for further development. Do leave a message there and / or contact the site administrator if you wish to participate.

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A work of hard love

Benjamin was right; this drew my attention as I was in the midst of re-aligning my library. It was sent to me by a close friend – since disappeared – shortly after Professor Rose’s passing. It was read once, perhaps twice, and filed away until last night. I thought I ought to share it. Click […]

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10th anniversary

Today marks the 10th anniversary of the passing of Gillian Rose, philosopher, scholar and teacher. She is much missed by all whom she graced. London Consortium is holding a special conference today to discuss the legacy and impact of her life’s thought. Unfortunately, there is not much substantial material on the web that deals with […]

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Happy Birthday, Gillian

Gillian Rose would have celebrated her 58th birthday today. Politics begins not when you organise to defend an individual or particular or local interest, but when you organise to further the ‘general’ interest within which your particular interest may be represented – Mourning Becomes the Law p 16

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house warming

if your house was burning down (or caught in a hurricane or other Natural disaster), which book would you take with you? This is an oft-asked question, and an erroneous one. For one, reproduction – and reproducibility – culls this inquisitiveness: every single book is replaceable. The contemporary world of the bibliophile is without loss; […]

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9 December

Gillian Rose passed away nine years ago. A passage from Love’s Work: Metaphysics, which in Aristotle’s technical terms, is concerned with the relation between the universal ‘nose’ and the sheer snubness of a nose, which no term can capture, this remote-sounding metaphysics is the perplexity, the aporia, at how to find the path from the […]

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