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four days in Brussels

A walk down the deserted Boulevard Adolphe Max, pass ill-fitting, now out of place hotels, leads to the local Waterstone’s, populated exclusively by English-language titles but manned by multilingual staff keen to impress their knowledge upon we Sunday strays. The entrance recalls one of the masses of  remainder-stocked, clearance stores around Tottenham Court Road, but […]

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How to browse

Jonathan Glancey writes passionately about Selexyz Dominicanen in The Guardian’s very own ShopTalk section. The bookshop is integrated within the architectural frame of a 13th century Dominican Church, with its enormous bookcase a commanding presence and counter-point to its now secularised altar. Seldom have the twin pursuits – truthfulness and faith – come face to […]

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what a joke

A customer walks into a bookshop and asks “Can you tell me where the self-help section is?” To which the bookseller replies: “If I told you where it is, that would defeat the purpose”. The reason why I relate this unfunny tale is that I stumbled upon a model “Self-Help” section while in London and […]

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