my library

My little library has seen five distinct phases.

Born close to a quarter of a century ago, it is now, rather symbolically, in the same Where shall I go from here? phase as it found itself at its birthing during the summer of 1986. Indeed, this symbiotic relationship between "my" library and "my" self is a recurring motif and is itself a founding principle: each forms the very precondition for the possibility of the other.

first steps:

It all began in wonder and amazement, standing for the first time, before the public stage; henceforth, not a page would be inconsequential. That first phase of my library's growth took on board the theory and practice of Marx and Marxism, classical social theory and the rudiments of sociology. Was it all never in jest?

mid-life resurgence:

The heart of my University education, stretching from 1991 to 1995 and encompassing the best of my studies, took me to fields afar - from Hegel to Nietzsche to Machiavelli and back to Max Weber.

big star:

The third leg was one that revolved around a different star. The aborted doctoral project took me to theology and history and an entirely different constellation. Here came the bulk of my medieval texts and works on and of Christianity.

and now ... where shall we go from here?:

With the PhD discarded - and there is no other word for it - the weltanschauung that sustained my library's chronological coherence slowly dissipated into a haze of random starts and fitful ends.

p r e s e n t l y :

It seems odd that this unstructured passage of a life's reading has also become the most exciting. It lacks a planned structure, though it is not without direction; that direction is guided by a quest for understanding - my self and surroundings, our histories and fates.

in sum:

Throughout these long years collecting and reading, literary books have occupied a marginal position. The "To Read" list is rather embarrassing, with titles by Mann and Proust, Dostoevsky and Tolstoy.