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Public Service Announcement

Slavoj Žižek was featured on BBC Radio 3’s Night Waves recently. Sadly, the programme is no longer available to listen again. However, you can still access the 13 minute interview with Rana Mitter via the Radio 3 “Arts & Ideas” podcast. Alternatively, you can download the episode directly from here. Our favourite Slovene is featured […]

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The Boy in the striped pyjamas

My wife and I saw The Boy in the striped pyjamas last night. We left in silence at the film’s end. But we carried different kinds of silences. Her’s was a silence waiting to be broken, once her grappling of her emotional response found its expression. Mine was a silence borne out of something else […]

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The Warwick Prize for Writing (part 2)

Further to our recent post, the winner of the inaugural Warwick Prize for Writing was announced on Monday. It is instructive to learn of the machinations that led to the final decision. Maureen Freely, one of the judging panel, wrote on “The complex problems of judging the Warwick prize” (The Guardian). There is one passage […]

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The evil of banality

One day, it could have been last week, last month, last year, it no longer matters, Harry Eyres woke, dragged himself out of bed, completed his morning ritual, maybe three of the many “S”s that face working adults most mornings, coffeed his bloodstream and sat to stare at the screen. Lost. Blank. Space. A white […]

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The Warwick Prize for Writing

It seems my alma mater has found a new source of funds. The Warwick Prize for Writing, launched by the University of Warwick is an international cross-disciplinary award which will be given biennially for an excellent and substantial piece of writing in the English language, in any genre or form, on a theme that will […]

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an inconvenient truth and the meaning of “authorship”

The entire discussion – deconstruction, death of the author, nothing but the text etc., – may have gently floated beyond me, but here’s somethingelse altogether. This morning’s Financial Times carries an article by two prominent public figures, Ban Ki-Moon and Al Gore. In case you need reminding, one is the United Nations Secretary-General, while the […]

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He can read!

This is somewhat dated by blog standards, such as they are, but it struck me as an opportunity not to be missed. Karl Rove, writing in the The Wall Street Journal, reminisces about his friendly “contest” with the then-incumbent President of the United States of America. For the final three years of the Dubyah administration, […]

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on reading

If reading is an exploration of uncharted lands, then books as gifts are beacons that illuminate and guide.

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one word

One Word is one of those sites that’s effective precisely because it is glaringly simple. simple. you’ll see one word at the top of the following page. you have sixty seconds to write about it. as soon as you click ‘go’ the page will load with the cursor in place. don’t think. just write. One […]

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sixth piece

We were asked to each bring an object to class the following day. I brought a three-pin plug. This was placed with other objects on a table, from which we selected an item. I chose this. The lesson I learnt was that we could write about anything – if we tried! the piece: There at […]

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