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Ben Kingsley on the BBC

I need your help. Ben Kingsley was interviewed on the BBC Programme HardTalk sometime during 1999. The link to the programme is here. Kingsley recounted an episode that took place while filming (Schindler’s List?) in Poland, when he and members of the film crew found themselves in a bar. While in the bar, they were […]

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The Boy in the striped pyjamas

My wife and I saw The Boy in the striped pyjamas last night. We left in silence at the film’s end. But we carried different kinds of silences. Her’s was a silence waiting to be broken, once her grappling of her emotional response found its expression. Mine was a silence borne out of something else […]

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Tell me, how amazing is MIT’s Open CourseWare initiative? Amazing. Their Literature section is quite impressive. And these are some of the courses which include audio and / or video elements.

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He says he is “officially horrified”

… and who can blame him? An oldish post has Adam Kotsko “officially horrified” over at An und für sich. The reason? The very existence of the Journal of Management, Spirituality, & Religion. Don’t let the innocuous looking lull you into any sense of anything; indeed, my initial judgement was that the enjoining of […]

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eternal sunshine

In part as a welcome to a newly-found, previously long-lost lost one, I decided to look up some other, old and familiar, faces from the past. It’s interesting to see them in internet garb. Norman Geras: I remember a particularly slim volume which managed to elude me for the entire duration of my first term […]

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Being Charlie Kaufmann

The genius behind / in front of Being John Malkovich, Adaptation, Eternal Sunshine, has a site at Go to him.

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Susan Henderson, over at her site, is conducting a pop quiz of sorts. I’ve been amazed at the quality of visitors to her site. Here are just some of the many different, quirky and beautiful sites that I’ve come to enjoy, thanks to her efforts. Writing and surviving in the Netherlands Write Livelihood: Because I […]

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an almighty filter

The Atlantic Monthly site is accessible, but The Believer is not. Yes, granted it could be that the latter’s moniker is taken to heart and makes it deserving of being blocked on religious grounds, but the NYRB is open for all, yet The London Review of Books is blocked. I sense a conspiracy, a conspiracy […]

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The most peculiar things happen when one’s inalienable right to internet access is denied, as mine was for the past days while in (whisper it) Tehran. Not only did someone comment on a post here, thereby dispelling fears that this site’s commenting system was ill-installed, but that someone happens to be a someone who is […]

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Blue Crush

If you still can’t understand why, then just participate in this unordinary surf movie. The cinematography is unbelievable; it’s as if you’re on the waves. (15-xii-04)

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