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a day in Munich

The old adage holds that the journey home is the best – sweetest, shortest, slowest, swiftest. Tonight’s journey – via München and Amsterdam – will be all that, of course. After a week away from home, the past 2 days have been different. There is a sense of heightened awareness of what is going on, […]

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four days in Brussels

A walk down the deserted Boulevard Adolphe Max, pass ill-fitting, now out of place hotels, leads to the local Waterstone’s, populated exclusively by English-language titles but manned by multilingual staff keen to impress their knowledge upon we Sunday strays. The entrance recalls one of the masses of  remainder-stocked, clearance stores around Tottenham Court Road, but […]

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a circle of friends

My circle of friends is a narrow one, comprising of less than a dozen individuals. Each was exhaustively selected, processed and acquired during a lifetime of wandering and growth. Nothing esoteric unites them, except some form of association with me; none, as far as I know, are particularly well-known, endowed with special talent, especially unique […]

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The Simorgh is one of Tehran’s finer hotels. Its friendly staff contrasts conspicuously against the gloom that most Tehranians seem to carry. A restless first night, anywhere, is never a surprise; some might even say it is a prerequisite: one has to accustom oneself to the folds of the chosen pillow and observe its fluffy […]

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travel tales

Seldom one to read “travel books” – I’d rather just go – Peter Moore’s Swahili for the broken-hearted came as a surprise. Together with Annie Caulfield’s Show me the magic: travels round Benin by taxi, these two were my first foray in to this genre. Sadly, the diagnosis is not good: strictly toilet reading.

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eternal return

The clinical early morning shuttle from Singapore’s Changi to Jakarta’s Soekarno-Hatta could never match the charm of the Berlin to Frankfurt run; Tegel with it’s unique architecture, design and history, on par with the city it deserves, with the greatest number of pickpockets per capita in the world (bar Riga) while the flughafen at Frankfurt, […]

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Thereby hangs this tale

With such a maddening gap between posts, I had better be prepared with a legitimate reason; perhaps a catastrophe of some sort, or a bankruptcy, or the onset of the Saviours Season. Or a simple affliction perhaps. Thereby hangs a tale. The annual metamorphosis of digits into its sequential sibling, in an entirely predictable orderly […]

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la opera

Wednesday evening’s hours at the LA Opera’s production of Tosca was, if not supremely performed, then supremely enjoyable. Such a story of rape and murder, hypocrisy and deceit, mis-identities, and the epiphany of death cheated (with the obligatory suicide) all make for a boisterous night, set against an ever-flowing, imaginative set. People-watching constitutes a legitimate […]

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overheard in LA

I can’t talk to people who are … disabled Sales guy at “Miss Sixty”, 3rd Street Promenade. How’s the lice? … [in raised voice] How’s the lice in your hair? Barnes & Noble customer to older, hard of hearing (?) friend. Is that what friends do? LA has been fun for now. 5 days into […]

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my oyster is red

I’ve too much time on my hands but seem content to remain unproductive. Found this site, though, that charts one’s travels and justifies the collection of 12 used passports that lies piled amongst unused airline tickets, annotated phrasebooks and unsent postcards. It seems my mortal memory cannot contain the wonders of Istanbul’s mosques, nor of […]

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