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Public Service Announcement

Slavoj Žižek was featured on BBC Radio 3’s Night Waves recently. Sadly, the programme is no longer available to listen again. However, you can still access the 13 minute interview with Rana Mitter via the Radio 3 “Arts & Ideas” podcast. Alternatively, you can download the episode directly from here. Our favourite Slovene is featured […]

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Lunch with Žižek

What have we here? It seems that the crew, represented by John Thornhill, have seen fit to dine with our favourite Slovene. The full text is to be found here. I’m not sure what the people at the International Journal of Žižek Studies make of it all. For anyone interested in what they damage […]

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He can read!

This is somewhat dated by blog standards, such as they are, but it struck me as an opportunity not to be missed. Karl Rove, writing in the The Wall Street Journal, reminisces about his friendly “contest” with the then-incumbent President of the United States of America. For the final three years of the Dubyah administration, […]

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I have long since given up on Bush and his refashioning of American foreign policy founded upon a glaringly obvious Electra complex*, so much so that his rants – his Bushisms – elicit only disinterest. But his latest Bushism, a juxtaposition of ignorance and blinkeredness, beggars belief. Members of Congress need to stop making political […]

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I stood next to the President of Iran this morning, as the Heads of State of the Eight Developing Countries that make up the D-8 toured briskly around the business forum. He’s kinda short.

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Thought & legacy

Next month marks the 10th anniversary of the passing of Gillian Rose, philosopher, scholar and teacher. She is much missed by all whom she graced. London Consortium is holding a special conference on the 9th of December 2005 to discuss the legacy and impact of her life’s thought. As a tribute to the philosopher Gillian […]

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deja vu

It’s just as well that it is a French word. I remember writing about “race” riots and the disenfranchised in 1980s Britain – the impact of Thatcherite economics, institutionalised racism, antagonistic policing methods, disproportionate unemployment rates etc. Listening to news reports, it seems that explanations are simply regurgitated, albeit with an easily ridiculed French accent. […]

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avian influenza

Alas now on a less topical note, I was all ready to unleash a sniggering line or two upon hearing news that the Bush adminsitration “announced a $7.1 billion strategy yesterday to cope with a possible influenza pandemic” (NYT, 2nd November 2005). Perhaps my tickling of the world’s funny bone would take the form of […]

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an almighty filter

The Atlantic Monthly site is accessible, but The Believer is not. Yes, granted it could be that the latter’s moniker is taken to heart and makes it deserving of being blocked on religious grounds, but the NYRB is open for all, yet The London Review of Books is blocked. I sense a conspiracy, a conspiracy […]

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truly an idiocy on an altogether different scale. “flight plan” + movie + “Association of Professional Flight Attendants” + strike Google ’em. Bless Dan Brown.

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