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I vowed not to purchase any books during 2010, and thus far it’s proved to be liberating. I don’t only mean this in terms of the re-discovered time freed from leisurely browsing (on- and off-line) and unspent dollars of course, but more significantly in terms of the erection of boundaries and its surprising effects. We […]

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Stanley Cavell, David Harvey

Berkeley has a site which profiles Stanley Cavell (“A philosopher goes to the movies: conversation with Stanley Cavell”, located here); it is one of the stronger parts of an uneven series entitled Conversations with History. Stimulating, and equally engaging, is David Harvey’s video lecture series Reading Marx’s Capital – 13 classes / lectures, each approximating […]

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four days in Brussels

A walk down the deserted Boulevard Adolphe Max, pass ill-fitting, now out of place hotels, leads to the local Waterstone’s, populated exclusively by English-language titles but manned by multilingual staff keen to impress their knowledge upon we Sunday strays. The entrance recalls one of the masses of  remainder-stocked, clearance stores around Tottenham Court Road, but […]

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The Warwick Prize for Writing (part 2)

Further to our recent post, the winner of the inaugural Warwick Prize for Writing was announced on Monday. It is instructive to learn of the machinations that led to the final decision. Maureen Freely, one of the judging panel, wrote on “The complex problems of judging the Warwick prize” (The Guardian). There is one passage […]

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The Warwick Prize for Writing

It seems my alma mater has found a new source of funds. The Warwick Prize for Writing, launched by the University of Warwick is an international cross-disciplinary award which will be given biennially for an excellent and substantial piece of writing in the English language, in any genre or form, on a theme that will […]

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He can read!

This is somewhat dated by blog standards, such as they are, but it struck me as an opportunity not to be missed. Karl Rove, writing in the The Wall Street Journal, reminisces about his friendly “contest” with the then-incumbent President of the United States of America. For the final three years of the Dubyah administration, […]

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How to browse

Jonathan Glancey writes passionately about Selexyz Dominicanen in The Guardian’s very own ShopTalk section. The bookshop is integrated within the architectural frame of a 13th century Dominican Church, with its enormous bookcase a commanding presence and counter-point to its now secularised altar. Seldom have the twin pursuits – truthfulness and faith – come face to […]

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on reading

If reading is an exploration of uncharted lands, then books as gifts are beacons that illuminate and guide.

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captured / portrayed

Quite a coincidence. I was flying out to Surabaya the other week and picked up a book by Eric A. Johnson & Karl-Heinz Reuband. Not the usual airport fare, I agree, but pickings were slim. Do compare the cover of their book (What We Knew: Terror, Mass Murder, and Everyday Life in Nazi Germany) with […]

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You know how it is sometimes. You see her; she catches your eye. Sometimes it’s hard to keep your resolve. Soon enough, you’ve taken her home and do what comes naturally. Then you realise that you’ve done this before. Years ago. And it wasn’t even that great the first time around. So you bring her […]

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