This is not a joke

I'm having some trouble with my library. This country's high humidity - the diurnal range is in the high 90s (early mornings) to around 60% (late afternoons), while the mean is around is 84% practically all year round - poses a challenge in maintaining books in their desired condition. Off-the-shelf dehumidifiers don't help.

I searched Google by naively typing dusty books make me sneeze. The 12th site displayed was quite peculiar. It begins with a confession:

I actually like stories by non-fetishists better for getting off, some of the time -- and I google them out (through phrases like "she sneezed" and such) regularly. [...] I suppose it just makes me less self-conscious to read descriptions of sneezing fits from people who aren't concentrating on it. Kind of like a candid shot, you know?

And continues with this shared experience:

The last romance novel I read with really good sneezing in it [...] was Karen Anders, Almost Naked, Inc, [...] Anyway, for two pages, the hero is underneath the heroine's bed, hiding, and it's really dusty, and she tells it from his point of view. He's struggling to not sneeze, and listening to the heroine talk to her mom. Then, after the two women leave the room, he get out, shakes off the dust, and sneezes, muffling the sneeze with his shirt. It was so hot, I read it several times!

Article 1 of the Sneeze Fetish Forum Constitution addresses the site's Mission:

This website exists to provide a comprehensive, reliable, permanent and enjoyable communication resource for the online sneeze fetish community.

I kid you not. Thanks, technology!

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