Things I learnt this past month

So we're back from our honeymoon, and the lessons just keep coming and they keep getting better.
  1. Mexicana - Always Late.
  2. Air pollution is relative - Mexico City is the embodiment of Natural Beauty compared to Havana.
  3. You've heard of Eco-Tourism? Well, in Cuba they practice Socialist Tourism. It's something along the lines of, ... how shall I describe it, "Scam the Tourists".
  4. Don't tell US Immigration you've been to Cuba.
  5. On the whole, a stay at a luxury, boutique hotel (Bulgari, Four Seasons) in Bali is better value than its equivalent in Mexico.
  6. Fidel exiled Che to his death. Probably.
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  1. Posted 4th April 2008 at 21:11 | Permalink

    did you tell customs that? i hear fines are more common than ever, and flight lists being turned over by Mexico and Canada too…

    we did a little research and decided to put off Cuba for a while…a short while.

  2. Posted 6th April 2008 at 13:41 | Permalink

    Yes, and they quickly found my stash of cigars, too. Luckily, the honeymoon story and my wife’s charm meant we managed to bring them home.

    Actually, the only reason we traveled half way around the world was our sense of Cuba’s lost-world exoticism; and in all honesty, looking back, I struggle to find a single reason for returning to Havana.

    I find this turning in of passenger manifests to the government more than a little eerie, just as much of the DHS’s policies and activities. But that is another matter altogether.

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